Rules and Regulations  

of the

Highland Cemetery Association of Prairie Village, Kansas


General Information

The Highland Cemetery Association (Highland) is a not-for-profit Section 501(c)13 Kansas corporation. The first recorded burial took place in 1860.

Highland is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by lot owners, who serve without remuneration.


Lot --- Three sizes of lots at Highland contain space for multiple grave sites.  The 20-foot and 21-foot lots each contain six grave sites.  The 24-foot lots contain seven grave sites.

Grave sites --- are individual graves within the lots.

Standard burial --- the customary method of burial of a whole body in the United States during the last century.  It involves an embalmed or unembalmed body placed in a casket which then is placed in a grave liner (usually concrete) and buried in a grave five or six feet deep.

Natural burial --- an unembalmed body placed in a shroud or biodegradable container and buried without a grave liner at a depth that allows at least two feet of earth above the top of the container or shroud.  This exposes the body to microbes living within three feet of the land’s surface, thus enhancing its decomposition.

Opening and closing --- digging the grave and filling it back up.

Monument --- a head stone that rises above the surface of the earth.

Grave marker --- a flat head stone even with the surface of the earth.

Corner markers --- optional small stones about 5 inches square marking the four corners of a lot or lots.

Cremains --- the results of cremation commonly referred to as ashes.


Internment Spaces

All lots at Highland are sold in accordance with the provisions of the Laws of the State of Kansas and shall not be used for a purpose other than the burial of the remains or cremated remains of the bodies of humans. 

No interment shall be allowed without approval being first obtained from Highland.  At the time of request for approval, the following information must be provided.

· Name of the deceased

· Age of deceased - including date of birth, if known

· Place of birth of deceased, if known

· Date of death and place of death

· Time and date of interment

· If deceased not an adult, parent or legal guardian names

· Name and address of closest living relative(s)

Interments in a lot are restricted to those who have the legal right to burial therein.  All excavation for interment requiring mechanical digging must be performed by Bill Enloe. 

The full purchase price must be paid before deed will be given or burial allowed on a lot.

Lot owners must notify the Highland Board of Directors if there is any transfer of ownership or change in the assignment of burial rights.

Gravesites and Memorials

Lots or graves are defined as follows in terms of human remains burial:

· Grave site - one grave containing one human remains or one human remains and one cremains

· Cremation - one or two cremation burials at one grave site, 

Care of the cemetery is the responsibility of Highland and includes cutting the grass at reasonable intervals, removal of leaves and debris and pruning of shrubs and trees.  Care of Highland shall in no way mean maintenance, repair or replacement of any marker, monument or memorial placed upon lots by owners.


No shrubbery or trees may be planted at the cemetery without express approval of the Highland board.  Trees and shrubs will be trimmed as necessary by the cemetery. Highland reserves the right to remove trees, shrubs, or any other object that it considers injurious to the functioning or appearance of the cemetery.


Annual and perennial flowers may be planted near the headstone. They must remain within the boundaries of the grave site.

Flowers or other decorations on graves must be removed from cemetery grounds at the end of their useful season.  Any articles or containers not removed may be removed by Highland, which assumes no responsibility for any removed article.

Grave locations and location of all markers and their foundations shall be marked by Highland before any grave is excavated or marker is placed. 


Monuments and Markers


Monuments are allowed on all gravesites.  Monuments and benches must be placed on either the East or West edge of the lot. All placement must be approved by Highland before any monument, bench or other marker is placed. All monuments and benches must be entirely on the gravesite or lot.

Single gravesites may have monuments up to 32 inches in width, 24 inches in height and 16 inches in depth (front to back).

Monuments on multi-gravesite lots may be up to 84 inches in width, 48 inches in height and 30 inches in depth (front to back). 

All monuments must fit entirely on the gravesite or lot.

Benches may be placed on multi-gravesite lots.  Benches may be up to 48 inches long and 20 inches wide.

Corner markers are allowed and must be flush with the ground. Their position must be confirmed Highland prior to installation.